Designing Sharia based business & tech, 

working to build a more beautiful and sustainable future in halal way.

Sharia & Halal Advisory

We review your business model, product offering and market expansion.

Sharia or Halal Audit & Legal Documentation Review

We provide in-house Shariah review and audit based on specific engagement.

Ethical Based Startup & Cryptocurrency

We bring support and facilitate networking of creative idea among youth.

Meet Our Experts 

Read what our experts have to say

Nur Amalina Abdul Ghani 

Founder & Legal Advisor

"Start fresh from zero mind straight to love and passion." 

Dr. Mahbubi Ali 

Shariah Advisor

"Learnt traditional Islamic studies from Pesantren Sidogiri, Indonesia." 

Aizuddinur Zakaria

Halal Strategy Advisor

"Halal is a way of life from a Tradition to Authority and from a non-regulated to regulated market." 

We will get your business to the next level